Siding, Stucco, etc.




Rot doesn’t have to ruin your home.

No one has control over the weather. So it’s best to choose siding that resists severe climates and damage from precipitation, like James Hardie® fiber-cement siding. James Hardie Siding resists rotting, warping and delamination. In addition, James Hardie Siding is five times thicker than vinyl siding, is resistant to hail damage, and can be installed to withstand winds up to 150 MPH. That means you can rest assured—storm after storm, season after season—knowing that the weather outside has minimal impact on your siding.

Painting Made Easy

Since James Hardie® Siding is made of fiber cement, it does not undergo the same degree of expansion and contraction that hinders wood-based and vinyl sidings. Therefore, James Hardie Siding will hold onto paint three to four times longer than wood siding, reducing your overall maintenance costs, without compromising aesthetics.

Green Practices

We support the entire building industry’s efforts in creating more sustainable homes, neighborhoods and materials. Together, we hope to provide a better built environment that will endure years to come. Green projects contribute to a positive future by functioning and existing in a way that preserves our valuable natural resources today.

Fire Prevention

No building material can guarantee a fireproof home, but there are some preventative measures that a homeowner can take to better prepare for fires— like installing a non-combustible home exterior. Because James Hardie products are non-combustible, many insurance companies offer a discount. We recommend sharing the information on this page with your insurance company if they are not familiar with fiber-cement siding’s fire-resistance.



Stucco is an excellent choice for your home exterior. Made of Portland cement, lime, sand and water, stucco provides a hard, durable, weather-resistant outer surface to protect your home from the elements.

IMG_7399.jpgThree Coat Stucco

Cement-based three coat stucco systems have been providing a long-lasting, attractive cladding for buildings for over 100 years. These three coat stucco systems have stood the test of time because of their numerous advantages.

Three coat stucco is recognized in by IBC/IRC building codes remains one of the most popular exterior cladding choices for both residential, multi-family, and commercial projects. As its name suggests, three coat stucco is applied in three layers:  3/8-inch thick scratch coat, 3/8-inch brown coat, and 1/8-inch finish coat. The approximately 7/8-inch three coat system is applied over an approved weather resistive barrier and metal lath by hand using a trowel or it may be machine applied.

Three Coat Stucco