High Performance Windows

High Performance windows today feature soft-coat low-E coatings, argon gas in a vacuum sealed air gap, warm edge spacers and more efficient frame technology. The results are windows that block over 70 percent of the solar heat gain and provide overall R-3 thermal resistance. The most efficient windows today enhance performance further with one or two additional low-E glazing layers, gas filled insulating gaps and more efficient framing. Request a quote today.


Select the type of window that is right for you.

Cal Coast Window & Door offers a wide variety of window types from Simonton Windows to suit anyone’s needs. Selecting the right window style, and material is one of the most important steps of home improvement project. Our owners have over 20 years combined experience working directly with many different window manufacturers. Cal Coast’s staff can help point you in the right direction or let you take the lead if you already know what you want. Please do not hesitate to call (925) 978-9185 if you have any questions regarding replacement windows.


Why Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Vinyl windows not only reduce noise and energy use, they also increase your property value and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Vinyl windows are simple to clean, extremely durable and very, very low maintenance – you never have to paint, scrape or stain!


Are Wood Clad Windows Right for you?

Wood Clad Windows from Cal Coast Window & Door give you the elegant beauty of natural wood combined with added exterior protection and durability. Wood Clad Windows feature a interior facing traditional wood frame combined with a weather resistant clad exterior . This allows the inside to be painted or stained and gives the window all the insulating benefits of wood.


5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows

1. Provide a more comfortable environment for everyone. It is very difficult to keep everybody in the house happy about the indoor temperature. Your spouse may say it is too cold, while the children are whining about it being too hot. New windows can help to better regulate indoor temperature levels by eliminating drafts and convectional cooling.

2. Your home is safer and healthier. Most new windows feature improved locking devices that are incorporated into the frame. These are more secure than the old single latch screwed onto the top of the frame. Also, better sealing and weather stripping materials help prevent outside air pollutants from entering the home, keeping the indoor air cleaner.

3. Your home is quieter. Properly sized, fit and installed, a new replacement window will more effectively seal out noise infiltration. Sounds from loud traffic sounds, backfiring motorcycles, airplanes flying overhead, sirens – even noisy neighbors! – are greatly diminished. You can finish that afternoon nap without being disturbed.

4. No more complaining about stuck windows. Older windows, especially those with painted or stained wood frames, can swell in humid conditions or through the aging process. This causes them to stick, become difficult to open, or even remain tightly closed. Your new replacement windows are designed to operate smoothly and easily. Most will even tilt in for easy cleaning of the outside glass from right inside your home.

5. There is more money to spend on other things. When you install energy efficient replacement windows you immediately reduce radiant and convection energy loss in your home. That means your heating system and air conditioning system can operate more efficiently, using less fuel (oil, gas or electricity). This saves you money every month, sometimes up to one-third of your utility bill.