Milgard Product Series

Milgard Windows & Doors offers a full range of windows to choose from including vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum.

All these products are backed by Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty.

Cal Coast Window & Door is your local Milgard Certified Dealer  

We carry a full line of Milgard products including the new Milgard Trinsic™ series, a contemporary vinyl window with the maximum available viewable glass area and the Tuscany® Series vinyl window for a more traditional look.

Tuscany® Series Vinyl Windows & Doors

Traditional design with endless possibilities. 

With equal site lines and a frame shape that creates shadow lines, Tuscany
Series vinyl windows are very much in the tradition and architectural styling of wood windows. 

Tuscany Series has a broad range of operating styles and innovative features such as the award-winning SmartTouch® lock.

Trinsic™ Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

Trinsic™ Series is Milgard’s new contemporary vinyl window. 

The frame profile is narrow so you have the maximum available viewable glass area so you can enjoy your view outside. 

The low profile hardware is uniquely designed for this sleek and contemporary style.

Style Line™ Series Vinyl Windows and Doors

The Style Line™ Series is a solid choice if you are looking for a quality vinyl window paired with affordability. 

Milgard Style Line Series windows will make your home feel more expansive and the slim profile allows for plenty of natural light.

Ultra™ Series Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Whether you have a big or small home, new or remodeled, classic or contemporary, Milgard Ultra™ fiberglass windows and doors add impact and value to your home. 

Ultra windows and doors offer a full range of operating styles including awnings, casements, Bays & Bow windows, Swing & Sliding Doors. 

Choose from seven exterior colors to give you many design options.

Aluminum Windows

Milgard Aluminum Windows & Patio Doors offer strength, durability, and design flexibility. 

Aluminum window and sliding patio doors provide contract by bringing a decidedly modern edge to your home.

Essence™ Series Wood Windows and Doors

Essence™ Series windows and doors embody beauty and strength. Inside, Essence windows are natural solid wood. 

This exceptional durability is why Milgard can offer something you simply won’t find with other wood windows: a Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage Coverage. 

Outside, they have a strong fiberglass exterior that won’t rot or warp like ordinary wood-only windows. 

Essence Wood Windows offer 16 exterior colors and 3 interior wood finishes.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Open up to an entirely new way to look at luxury. 

Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems is an innovative solution that blurs the line between inside and out. 

Now you can expand your living space with stacking, bi-fold or pocket doors in a variety of standard sizes and configurations.

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